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Secretary General's Address

Dear delegates,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to X-MUN 2014, the second edition of X-MUN, organized by X-Calibre, the debate society of St. Xavier's Collegiate School. In a world which is increasingly endangered by conflict and violence, diplomacy is the need of the hour; not the passive diplomacy that nations espoused and continue to espouse, but active diplomacy, to come up with concrete solutions to the variety of issues that plague our very existence.

MUNning is thus an essential step forward in securing this goal, educating us in the intricacies and the various aspects of diplomacy, lobbying, international affairs and public speaking . It is perhaps for this reason that MUNs have seen an exponential rise in interest and participation in the past few years in our city, a city well known for its fiercely competitive debate culture and argumentative and opinionated populace.

X-MUN 2014, in keeping with the this trend, has four committees dealing with different situations : The Special Nuclear Convention, which deals with the extremely pertinent issues of nuclear security and nuclear disarmament, the Historic Security Council, which deals with the Suez Crisis of 1956, the Congress Working Committee which has its agenda set to elect unanimously the next Prime Minister of India after its landslide victory in the 1991 elections, and finally, the unconventional Ministry of Magic, which deals with the possibility of the return of the 'Dark Lord'.

Each committee while being unique in its agenda, shall at the end of the day test your ability to argue coherently and logically, backed up by solid research, lobby viciously in order to have your way in committee, remain true to your portfolio's policy and propose plausible solutions to resolve the many crises which shall be thrown at you.

I therefore wish you the best of luck for the conference on behalf of the secretariat, and look forward to meeting you on the 19th and 20th of July 2014 for two days of intense debate and deliberation. Till then, keep researching and debating, reading and opining, protesting and fighting for the greater good, for it is in our hands that the future lies.

Oishik Ganguly,
Secretary General,
X-MUN 2014.

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Watered Down with Brandy

Briefing: It is our job to provide an overall view of the MUN to the delegates and guests. We have to capture everything - the wacky, the funny, the adultery, the sarcasm and the credible. This year we have also introduced the Award for the Best Journalist.
Number of Open Positions: 12
Who should apply? People who like free food and don't mind a bit of writing to built up the appetite.
The Press also manages the website content and the Story Board. If this sounds exciting enough, you have seen nothing yet. Boy, have we got a lot stored up for you.So,hop on board!

Rishav Rakshit,
Press Head

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The Historic Security Council
EB: Oishik Ganguly (Co-Chair) , Debayan Mitra (Co-Chair),Arjun Ghose (Director) & Ishan Mukerji (Rapporteur)


The Suez crisis of 1956 marked the beginning of an era of war, post World War 2. Except, this war would involve not as much artillery and fighting as mind games and mental attrition. Egypt, a former British colony, had gained independence in 1922, but was essentially still controlled by the British through the monarchy, a puppet in their hands. However all this changed with the communist revolution of 1952, which saw Gamal Abdel Nasser come to power: a fiery and strong personality who would stand no form of British subjugation and interference. As relations gradually started to get strained between the two nations, one relishing its new found freedom, the other lamenting the loss of yet another one of its prized colonies, Nasser’s decision to purchase firearms from the USSR seemed to cross a ‘red line’ from the Western perspective. UK and USA decided to rescind all funding of the Aswan dam, in retaliation to which Nasser, on the 26th of July 1956 , nationalized the Suez Canal. UK, infuriated by Egypt’s blatant arrogance, colluded with France and Israel with intentions of restoring their influence in the region, precipitating the Suez war of 1956, or the Tripartite Agression of 1956. The UNSC at X-MUN shall convene of the 29th of October, 1956, the day Israeli paratroopers invaded the Sinai region. Whether a half hearted blitzkrieg or a foreshadow of bigger things to come? That is precisely what this constant crisis committee in alternate reality shall be dealing with.


Chairpersons' Address

“War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today”
-John F. Kennedy

Dear Delegates,
It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you to the Historic Security Council of X-MUN 2014, the second edition of X-MUN. The Historic Security Council in this edition of X-MUN will be dealing with an extremely important event in world history, an event which had threatened to disturb the peace that the world had attained post World War II and plunge it into yet another full blown conflict similar to the World Wars. The Suez Crisis , or the Tripartite Agression of 1956, led to a new brand of hostilities which did not involve as much artillery and open war as mind games and mental attrition , ushering definitively onto the world scene an era that would come to be known as the 'Cold War'; a conflict which would continue to plague the world for decades to come as the two ideological factions represented by the USA and the USSR vied for unilateral supremacy.

The UNHSC at X-MUN shall convene an the 29th of October, 1956, the day the Israeli paratroopers invaded the Sinai region. The question is whether this is merely a half hearted blitzkrieg or a foreshadow of bigger and more sinister things to follow. This is precisely what the constant crisis in alternate reality will be dealing with. The committee will be co-chaired by me, Debayan Mitra, and my good friend and former debate team partner, Oishik Ganguly. Honestly speaking, the two of us could not be further apart when it comes to temperament and approach, and yet we manage to work together as a team remarkably well .

I am a member of the 2014 batch of St.Xavier's Collegiate School which just passed out, and as most of my batchmates and juniors opine, one of the most opinionated and expressive (read: excessive hand movements while speaking) debaters the school has had in a while. Despite having pursued Science with Biology in High School, I have always been a passionate debater and MUN-er and am of the staunch view that an accomplished MUN-er is one who can hold his or her own and leave a mark in committee without having done a lot of research (or as was my case on most occassions, no research at all). I, in addition to my oratory interests, take an avid interest in fantasy fiction, and believe that Harry Potter and Enid Blyton books should be made a compulsory part of the curriculum. My co-chair, Oishik Ganguly, is a Science student studying in Class XII .

Juggling the many hats of school football team captain and the Secretary General of X-MUN 2014, he still manages to find time to do well in his SAT and school exams.One of the most talented yet self doubting persons I have ever come across, extensive research and suffering from pangs of self doubt and panic attacks are second nature to him, the brunt of which the Director of this committee and I often have to bear.

Coming to our Director, Arjun Ghose from Class XII is probably the most friendly and easily approachable member of the Executive Board. An experienced MUNner and an articulate orator, Arjun is also an ardent Liverpool FC fan, with a passion for all matters related to sports and international affairs. His thirst for knowledge has earned him the nickname 'Information Gatherer',a phrase which has a number of other connotations too, but all of which he flatly denies. And the final member of our board is your rapporteur, Ishan Mukerji, a class XI student, pursuing humanities. A candid debater and an excellent conversationist, Ishan is also known for his no-nonsense attitude, and his ability to get the job done, no matter what the obstacles may be. He is also an excellent quizzer and takes a great interest in history and political science.

Delegates, we will be expecting a very high level of debate in this committee which I hope shall eventually lead to tangible solutions to the crisis at hand. Please keep mind the fact that the committee is a constant crisis one, convening on the aforesaid date, and therefore no articles, laws, conventions etc. passed after the said date may be invoked in committee. And while the committee is based in alternate reality, all events that took place up to the 29th of October 1956 remain true, and it is vital that your research and your arguments be grounded in facts and events that took place before the invasion of the Sinai by the Israeli paratroopers.I look forward to meeting all of you as we seek to resolve this crisis as expediently and amicably as possible. In the meanwhile, you may feel free to contact any of the board members in case you may have any clarifications regarding committee.
Yours truly,
Debayan Mitra (+91 9051712782)
Oishik Ganguly (+91 9477772994)
Chairpersons, HSC.
E-mail: hscxmun@gmail.com

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The Congress Working Committee 1991
EB: Shourya Dasgupta,Anish Kanoria,Karan Bhuwalka,Sayudh Roy & Aishik Dutta


Congress Working Committee (1991): The general elections of 1991, held in the shadow of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, gave the Indian National Congress a plurality of 244 seats, enabling it to return to power ,after a hiatus of two years, with the support of smaller parties. However, deprived of a supreme leader drawn from the Gandhi family for only the second time since Independence, the INC was faced with a leadership crisis almost akin to an existential question. Who, in the absence of a Gandhi, should be Prime Minister and leader of the Congress party? It is this question that we debate in this particular committee, a simulation of the Congress Working Committee, meeting on the 21st of June, 1991, with delegates essaying the roles of top Congress leaders. The agenda is one - to elect the next Prime Minister of India from amongst the Working Committee members by means of unanimous consent.


Chairpersons' Address


The Congress Working Committee 1991,conceived by the debaters of batch of 2014 of our school, on the invitation of the present Secretariat, is the fourth committee in the new and improved XMUN 2014 and promises to be a challenging but enjoyable experience. This committee presents a significant departure from traditional MUN committees as it requires the delegates to debate on a totally different level, seeing that their ultimate aim is to elect one amongst themselves Prime Minister by unanimous consent.
Thus, it can be seen that the concept of this committee is unique because, in order to succeed, the participating delegates will not only have to undertake extensive research but will also have to, literally, take everybody along.

The proceedings of this novel committee will be moderated by an Executive Board, which comprises Anish Kanoria, Karan Bhuwalka, Aishik Dutta, Sayudh Roy and Shourya Dasgupta, who will collectively discharge the office of President of the Indian National Congress.
All of them are MUNners and debaters of longstanding repute, who are coming together as a team for a final time before dispersing to their various colleges to study subjects as diverse as Economics, Computers, Engineering and Law. For any clarifications, feel free to contact:
Anish Kanoria (+91 9007774688)
Karan bhuwalka (+91 9674598755)
E-mail: congresswc@gmail.com

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The Ministry of Magic
...Mischief Managed...


Ministry Of Magic:

August 1995. The world is plunged into an undeniable turmoil, triggered by the possible resurrection of Lord Voldemort. A conference of the Ministry will thus be held to come to a consensus regarding what action is to be taken. Meanwhile, the large centaur population in the Forbidden forest are on the verge of rebellion against humans.
Their advanced star-gazing techniques have informed them that the time is ripe to overthrow the dominance of the ‘wand-carriers’. They have joined hands with the goblins and threatened the humans with an all-out war if their demands are not met. They have, however, decided to send envoys to the ministry in an attempt to peacefully settle the issue, although most are of the opinion that a war is inevitable, given the rigid and inflexible nature of the demands. Amidst all this turmoil, there is a significant risk of the violation of the International Statute of Secrecy, and the committee is expected to do anything in it’s power to prevent this. If the Dark Lord has indeed returned, it is a known fact that the world is on the verge of oblivion. Will ministry officials and magical creatures alike bicker amongst themselves, or will a consensus be reached by mutual compromise to formulate preventive measures against destruction? Only time will tell.


Message from the Ministry



You’ve been to SCs, GAs, ODCs, and all of those bodies that this Muggle organization going by the name ‘United Nations’ is comprised of. You have dealt with multiple crisis situations, and you have resolved the same. But never have you realized who the real “players” (to use the Muggle phrase), are. It would be an understatement if I were to say that every aspect of the Muggle World, as you see it, is regulated by the Ministry of Magic. We change their lives to suit our needs. A little tweak here, a minor twist there, and voila, we can change the world.

But then a time comes when the magical world itself, is enshrouded by an all-encompassing veil of darkness, when forces, both external, and internal, join hands in an attempt to destabilize the balance we so heavily depend on. A time comes, delegates, when the Ministry is rendered helpless against the systematic onslaught of these forces, and we fail to fulfill our objectives. I shall not go into specifics, for this address will probably be read by Muggles too. But let me declare that in times like these, we at the Ministry expect co-operation from the magical population as a whole. I am confident, that if we were to discard old rivalries, and work together, we can quell this menace with and emerge victorious. If you continue to bicker, I am afraid that oblivion seems to be the only destination. Let me now familiarize you with the three individuals who will lead your efforts to battle this crisis in committee. Owing to the seriousness of the situation, two Minsters for Magic have been elected, Aditya Bhattacharya and Milind Sonpal. Kanishk Gomes, who has been elected Deputy Minister for Magic, will assist them in coordinating your efforts. For fear of leakage of sensitive information, only the descriptions of their fake Muggle identities will be provided.

Aditya is an eleventh grader who is a little too obsessed with Harry Potter, Discovery Science and writing romantic poetry. He is an avid debater, MUNer, quizzer, and the like. He is renowned for solving the Rubik’s cube, thus you will probably see one in his hands all the time. Milind Sonpal is a tenth grader, who is considered one of the finest MUNers St. Xavier’s has produced. He is known to be an extremely practical individual and does not exhibit much affection for flowery verses and sunny dreams. The amount of research that he performs in preparation for MUNs is nothing short of astounding. Both Aditya and Milind share an inexplicably deep passion for coding, and aspire to take up Computer Science and Economics in the USA. They also share a love for meat, rude puns, and keen insults. I do not know what this means, but I have been asked to say it nonetheless: “Don’t get too near them. They bite.” Your Deputy Minister for Magic, Kanishk Gomes, is a tenth-grader who loves food(which is rather evident, judging by his “healthy” physique).The funniest person you will have the good fortune to meet, Kanishk will provide a welcome change from the pragmatism that Aditya and Milind are sure to adhere to. An avid MUNer, and renowned for his lobbying skills, he has made the Unbreakable Vow, promising to ensure that committee is never boring. Presently, he is engaged in an attempt to lose weight, which will prove to be futile for sure. He is undoubtedly a talented writer, and has written several fine plays. He aspires to be a novelist, a playwright, a physicist or a lawyer. (Yes, he’s pretty confused).

These three, working together, will lead you in committee. They will keep you updated with regard to the latest incidents and will ensure that the solutions that you emerge with are implemented with immediate effect. They have been given the responsibility to coordinate your efforts towards achieving peace in our world. Thus delegates, the hopes of the entire magical population rest on your shoulders. We at the Ministry, sincerely hope that you realize the gravity of the situation. Think wisely, and then decide on the course of action. Make. Or break. It’s all in your hands.

Yours sincerely, Michael Brown, Public Relations Adviser, The Minister’s Office.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact your Ministers. Since stringent security measures have been imposed on the floo network, only the Muggle telephone numbers of the Ministers shall be provided.
Aditya Bhattacharya: +919051974386
Milind Sonpal: +919830388660
E-mail: momxmun@gmail.com

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The Special Nuclear Convention
EB: Rohan Chaudhari (Chair),Sourojit Ghosh (Co-Director),Dhruv Dabriwal (Co-Director),& Rajarshi Roy (Rapporteur)


The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings of 1945 were indeed watershed moments in modern history: for one, they marked the introduction of a new weapon into the global armaments scene, more powerful, lethal and destructive than any other mankind had ever seen before.

They also marked the beginning of a long and tortuous struggle to bring about nuclear peace and disarmament in the world. Since the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty was put up for ratification and signing in 1968, numerous other attempts have been made to secure the above goal, but to no avail. In recent times, matters have tended towards a downward spiral, with the ever volatile North Korea conducting nuclear tests, and other nuclear-capable nations such as the USA clandestinely continuing to expand their nuclear stockpiles. Of the same, if not more concern, is the safety of nuclear power plants, and one need only recall the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 or the more recent Fukushima-Daichi nuclear power plant disaster in 2011 to realize the pressing importance of this topic. In recent times, the issue of nuclear terrorism has come to the fore too, and while an act of nuclear terrorism is yet to have taken place, the immense dangers posed by such an attack has prompted leaders from the world over to convene in Nuclear Security Summits, the most recent of which was held this year at the Hague, Nederlands. The agenda of this convention is therefore twofold: Nuclear Disarmament and Nuclear Security.


Chairpersons' Address

Agenda: Nuclear Disarmament and Nuclear Security

“Ours is a world of Nuclear Giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.” - Omar N. Bradley

Dear Delegates,

It is my privilege to welcome you to what promises to be a most exciting and memorable committee. The world today resides in a fool's paradise, completely and very conveniently oblivious to the looming threat of MAD, or mutually assured destruction that nuclear weapons pose. With more sophisticated technology and advances in nuclear science, nuclear weapons today are exponenetially more destructive than those which devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in 1945. The destruction which nuclear warfare may cause today, in that regard, is simply unfathomable. The advent of nuclear terrorism wherein terrorist groups look to expand their arsenal to include nuclear grade weaponry only worsens the already deteriorating situation. I therefore need not emphasize for you the exigency of the situation, and the need for rational and all encompassing solutions to bring an end to this MADness.

Let me now introduce you to your executive board. I, Rohan Chaudhari, your chair, am a class XII commerce student whose interests include debating, MUNning,badminton, swimming, football and music, as evidenced by the fact that I never step out of my house without a pair of earphones. In addition to these interests, I am also extremely interested in football, and a die-hard Chelsea FC fan( and not your stereotypical Manchester United fan, who supports the club because he or she has never heard of any other football club) Your director, Sourojit Ghosh, is a student of class XI, pursuing science.An extremely talented individual ,he is not only an outspoken debater and MUN-er par excellence, but also a very good student with a large number of interests which include reading, sports and current affairs. In addition to all these, Sourojit boasts the ability to go on talking incessantly,which while drawing the wrath of a number of teachers and classmates has won him a number of HAM and JAM accolades.

Your co-director, Dhruv Dabriwal, is the definition of an all-rounder. A class XII student pursuing science, he takes a keen interest in debating, MUNning and international affairs. Dhruv is also a national level squash player, and despite a hectic schedule of training sessions and workouts, Dhruv still manages to find time to ace his academics. Your rapporteur, Rajarshi Roy is a student of class X. Despite his “young” age, he has attended a number of MUNs and won a number of accolades. Easily the most dedicated and focused researcher on the board, he knows the foreign policies of nations and the clauses of various charters, conventions and resolutions inside out. I must therefore warn you that if you plan to bluff your way through committee you may get past me and your directors, but you will inevitably be caught by Rajarshi.

We are all extremely approachable, so if you have any queries, doubts or clarification regarding any matter concerning procedure or committee, feel free to contact us. I look forward to two days of prolific debate, by the end of which I hope we shall have the answers to the pressing problems that this committee seeks to address.
Rohan Chaudhari (+919831903397)
Special Nuclear Convention.
E-mail: sncxmun@gmail.com

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