Primary Section 2012-2013

Student Activities - Primary Section 2012-2013

Inter Junior School Football Tournament
1. In the month of July 2012, The "Blue 'n' White" Inter Junior School Football Tournament was held at St. Xavier's Primary School grounds as it celebrated its 11th year. This year saw eight renowned schools participating in a league - cum - knock out tournament. The finals were played between St. Thomas School (Kidderpore) and St. Xavier's Collegiate School with St. Thomas School emerging as winners. Both teams were awarded with trophies and certificates.

Nature Club
2. The academic year 2012-2013 saw the birth of "Nature Club" in the Primary Section of our school. The aim of the Nature Club is to create an awareness and love for all living creatures, a concern for the environment and to promote in them a sense of global solidarity and commitment to save the earth in keeping with the Jesuit motto "creating people for others."

We began our Nature Club activities with a special Assembly on - "Earth Day." The Nature Club organized a few exciting and engaging activities for the boys to participate and be part of Nature Conservation.

a) Forest Week Project:
Classes III, IV and V presented a colorful and informative "exhibition" on birds, animals and vegetation found in the various forests, deserts and in the seas and oceans of the world. Posters made by the boys were put up in different corners of the school camps, which portrayed messages like - "Grow more Trees" and "Conserve the Forest".

b) Awareness Campaign:
An awareness campaign on the need to keep the environment clean was also conducted along with a campaign to promote the value of planting trees. As part of the campaign, the Nature Club members dressed up as popular Cartoon characters such as Mickey, Mini and Pluto and they visited all the classes. They carried placards with messages - "Throw the rubbish in the bin"; "keep your classroom clean"; "keep your school corridors clean". The children were very excited to see the cartoon characters and responded well to the message.

Drawing and Colouring Competition
c) Classes Prep and I participated in a colouring competition called "Colours of Nature"; and Class II participated in a drawing contest called "The Beautiful Nature around us".

Special Assemblies
d) Special Assemblies were organized in English and the vernaculars on topics such as cleanliness, pollution, and the importance of going green.

Special Diwali Message
e) The students were encouraged to avoid sound and air pollution during Diwali through posters, charts and messages.

Our Nature Club members are called the "Green Soldiers" who firmly believe in the motto - "To keep nature fit, we must do our bit".

3. We, at St. Xavier's Collegiate School (Primary Section), Kolkata, in our own small way encourage the students to think and feel for the people around them. We have a group of eight responsible students to help out in the various activities of the Social Service Action Group.

In the year 2012 - 13, the boys have generously participated in the following Social Service Programmes by lending a helping hand towards the following institutions:
[1] Collection of Maggi packets for Asha Niketan.
[2] Collection of Colours and old exercise books for 'VANI' an NGO educating Deaf & Dumb children.
[3] Collection of Money for 'Netaji Eye Hospital' at Purulia.
[4] Collection of warm and woolen clothes for Sharehouse Charitable Foundation.
[5] Collection of gifts for a carnival organized by the 'Little Sisters of the Poor'.

Our attempt in helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters, have really been a learning experience for the young hearts & minds of the Primary Section.

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