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Image Design by Adarsh Chandak Class 12C (Nov 2011)

Photos of visit to the Shida Fuzhong School in Kunmig, China at the Photo Gallery, Year 2011


  SXCS Shida Fuzhong Brief Report

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School Beyond Compare
Shida Fuzhong School
A gem among schools
In the heart of Kunming
A city so beautiful

Shida Fuzhong School
You stand tall and mighty
In a wonderful campus
Spralling over vast land

The flowers keep smiling
The swaying trees sing praises
The ponds keep the place cool
The green grass sooth the eyes

What a wonderful atmosphere
Students brimming with life
Teachers committed to teaching
Giving their best to the students

Principal, a man with vision
Planning for the best of pupils
Assisted by generous teachers
Eveready to give all they have
To impart the best education
To the children under your care

Such generous group of teachers
Make the difference among schools
So the guardians seek this school
For better education of their wards

The non teaching staff too
Give their best for the school
They too feel proud
To be part of this school

You all together
With the apt administrator
The man in command
Make the school different

The classroom with best facilities
The labs with modern equipment
The gym to exercise bodies
The playground to discipline oneself

The school has every facility
To train the mind with wisdom
To lift the heart to human kindness
And give ones best to all

Shida Fuzhong you are a rare school
Opening up to every culture
Absorbing students from
Every nationality of your land

Students are exposed to
Every ethnic groups of minority
All feel at home with all
One nation and one land

You are also a provider
In opening up to other countries
To enrich your knowledge
With open mind and heart

We the students and staff
From St. Xavier's School, India
Feel proud and honoured
To be associated with your school

We will be enriched with
The vast knowledge
Your land is vested with
And a great civilization you hold

We will remember the hospitality
The warm welcome we received
The delicious food we enjoyed
And best of all your good will

We will meet again
To bring us ever closer
As true humans
To cherish our friendship

Let our endeavor take us further
And make our lives meaningful
Specially for our students
And also guardians and well wishers

Poem By:
Fr. K.K. Devasy, S.J.
St. Xavier's Collegiate School,
30, Mother Teresa Sarani,
West Bengal, Kolkata - 700016

First Student Exchange Programme with Shida Fuzhong (Affiliated High School of Yunnan
Normal University), Kunming, China, May 2011

For the past 151 years St. Xavier’s Collegiate School has been the torch bearer in the field of education – transforming students into persons of competence, conscience, compassion, character and faith, in association with teachers and parents, for building a better nation. Today, as we are confronted with a rapidly changing social and cultural environment, our focus, as always, is to mould students without compromising on the values of life. We have always encouraged our students to cross boundaries, explore new horizons and acquire enriching experiences, true to the Xaverian spirit of Nihil Ultra -- Nothing Beyond.

It is a matter of pride that St. Xavier’s Collegiate School is the first school in India to join hands and start a Student Exchange Programme with Shida Fuzhong, one of the best High Schools in Kunming, China. As you may know, Mayor Zhang Zulin and former Mayor Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharyya, respectively of Kunming & Kolkata, had important discussions to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of both cities, and to further establish the sister city relationship on the foundation of mutual exchange and cooperation.

ShiDa FuZhong, a co-educational institution, was founded in 1940 and now has over 3000 students and 200 teachers, and the campus encompasses more than 6 million sq. mtrs. of covered area. It is a complete secondary school, a provincial key high school, a model school for science and technology education, a national key scientific research of basic education subject base school; it is also the national experimental school of modern educational technology, and has collaboration with many universities’ affiliated high schools; it is a well-known secondary research and governing unit of the Commonwealth. It maintains student exchange relationships with Switzerland, Thailand, USA, Japan, Korea, England, and, now, India.

This programme is a small step towards building bridges of mutual respect with our neighbours marking the dawn of a new era between China and India. This provides an opportunity for our students to set sail for and reach new shores so that they may experience, unravel, understand and celebrate the commonalities and differences of the cultures.

10th May 2011


Ten boys of SXCS will set up a date with history on May 19 when they embark on a 10- day journey to China, led by the Principal Fr. K.K. Devasy along with the Vice Principal Fr. Sebastian James. This will be the first Student Exchange Programme between St Xavier's Collegiate School and ShidaFuzhong High School of Yunnan province. In fact, this is the first such interaction among school students of two neighbouring countries -- India and China -- each boasting of a rich heritage and a civilization dating back to thousands of years. And, both nations are as diverse as one can be.

The uniqueness of this Programme is that Students would stay in the homes of the Students of the host country! This Student Exchange Programme is specially significant as 2011 has been declared by both Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Premier Wen Jiabao as the Year of Exchange between people to people of India & China. Incidentally, Yang Shufen, the principal of ShidaFuzhong, Ma Yong Wen, the Vice Principal and Zhang Hi, a teacher, visited SXCS last December to lay the foundation of this new relationship between the two countries, at least at the school level. Once the boys return from China, a new chapter of India-China relations will be written and who knows, more such windows of opportunity may open up.

Bon Voyage!        
Fr. K.K. Devasy, S.J.



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