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FAREWELL CEREMONY SPEECH - Class 12 (Year 2010-2011)

Raunak- Good morning Rev..Fr..Principal, Fr.Vice-Principal, Fr.Boris, Respected teachers and my fellow Xaverians.

We have been asked to express our feelings of our school lives in just 4 minutes.We will try to do so but cannot promise. We joined this institution in 1999 crying and begging our parents not to send us to school and here we are today, crying and begging our teachers not to let us leave the school.

Clyde- The most cherished memories we have of our junior school days is the large variety of dishes served to us by the famous, Alok da. In the senior school, when the bell rings for the break, everyone runs to the field but in the junior school, everyone would run to the canteen.

Raunak- Our first memory of the senior school is of the quote, "Art is culture not vulture/" from our very own, Mr. N.Sengupta. Our art classes always begun with Draw line 1, line 2, line 3 and ended with come to Fr. Boris.

Clyde- One can never forget our Saturday morning's extra curricular routine to wake up at 6 and be in school in full gear, ready to battle it out on the football field with the Xaverian Roberto Carlos, Mr. F. Torcato leading the way.

Raunak- Class 9 was the beginning for education enhancement and daily health issues when we had terrible headaches and begged the teacher to send us to the infirmary or requested the teachers to let us go to the library to get a book. Please note, supposidly.

Clyde- The good advice given to us by the ever youthful, Mr.Arun Banerjee, quote "Never trust a girl for you will always regret it," unquote. I think now is the time when we would require this advice.

Raunak- Topography will never be forgotten because of the ever ready, yet unending help from Ms. Anita Dey. From the climate of India to the forests of Africa, we knew it all.

Clyde- And how can we forget our crazy lab experiences with our beloved Piyush dada. It was because of him that we always passed and are passing our exams.

Raunak- Class 11 was the year we learnt from our seniors the various tactics in earning a treat from our juniors, which we have successfully done in the past year.

Clyde- This was also the year, where we found some OUT-STANDING students. If you still have not caught onto what we mean, here are a few examples. Ryan Borneo, Shubhomoy Brahma, Pawan Singh, Rohit Paul, Sumantra Talukdar and many others.

Raunak- We will always remember the "man no more with the cane," Fr. Boris D* Santos for his sweet delicacies often gifted to us. He is a man of principles who will forever be in our hearts.
Clyde- Then came the year when we were the most admired and respected lot. This was the year when the going got tough and the tough got going; whether it was working day and night to make X-Uberance a grand success to sweating it out for our respective houses and yet, facing many upsets. This was not only done by us, House Captains, but also by many of our batch mates, some being Rajeshwaran Shankar, Aneesh De, Saran Casyab, Parth Poddar, Dion Jacques and many more, who put in their efforts both on and off the field.

Raunak- We would like to thank The Men in White for their valuable advice on the various aspects of life and enforcing discipline in us so that we may be men for others.

Clyde- We would like to express our gratitude to all our loving, caring, friendly and ever helpful teachers for their enormous support through the first chapter of our lives, giving us experiences which we will never forget and forever cherish.

Raunak- Not to forget our very own dada's for the help provided by them 24*7. Clyde- We would also like to thank all the Xaverians for being a part of our lives.

Raunak- After recollecting these fond memories, we stand here today at the threshold of leaving this place we call home and beginning a new chapter of our lives.

Clyde- Even though we part ways from here, we will never forget our portals so dear and will still stand united. Once a Xaverian, Always a Xaverian!

Both- Nihil Ultra, Nothing Beyond.


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