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United Nations Conference On Climate Change

United Nations Security Council


Head of Press: Harsha Sen
Head of Photography: Rohan Tikmany
Head of Editing: Arinjoy Sen

Welcome to the inaugural St. Xavier's Collegiate School MUN Conference. I, Harsha Sen, will be serving as press head for the three days of deal-brokering, motion-passing, point-noting, and address-making that all of you intend to take part in. I enjoy trying to endorse socially conscious rap(as I am now), the odd book, and terrible puns(that's why I'm in the press). The press itself is the super-ego of the MUN mind-the only part that realizes how hilarious the entire thing is. It shall be my department's job to ensure that amidst all that cutthroat diplomacy, you're given a chance to laugh, very often at yourself, while finding out what developments have your MUN world astir. With some luck, and provided you put up a good enough show, we shall succeed in our endeavour.

Wishing you the very best of luck,
Harsha Sen

St. Xavier's Collegiate School Model United Nations Conference Secretariat
Secretary General

Chairman Of UNCCC
Shourya Dasgupta

Co-Chairman Of IMF

Aishik Dutta

Deputy Secretary General

Chairman Of UNSC
Anish Kanoria

Co-Chairman Of IMF

Karan Bhuwalka

St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata

30 Mother Teresa Sarani
Kolkata: 700 016