Principal's Message

Message to Children on Children's Day

Dear children, it is your day
A day of fun and celebration
A day assigned to honour you all
To see the best in you
Try to make the best of the day
That you remember it forever
Enjoying every moment of the day
Never to say I missed anything
God has given you great potential
Flower forth to the fullest measure
So you can say with pride
I am a true human being
Your parents wish to see
That you do great things in life
We in school also wish
That you fulfill the dreams of your life
We are always there with you
To support you and help you
That you develop all that you have
And become what you wish to be
But in the process of education
Lot of things will be demanded of you
Knowing truly well
That you have all that you require
Teachers will give you
Additional help from outside
The actual seed is in you
You have to allow it to grow
The teachers will water the seed
And manure the soil
But the seed that is you
Have to co-operate with the mentor
Then you will fully grow
And mature and become
A fully grown-up being
To the joy and happiness of all
We, all, the teachers
The supporting staff
Along with your parents and well wishers
Wish you all
A very Happy Childrens' Day
With God's blessings from above
Our hearts full of joy and prayer
That all become pleasant human beings
Have a wonderful day.


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