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Career Counseling Nov 2015


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Career Counseling - 2nd Nov 2015

On 2nd November, 2015, Professor Dr. Suman Mukherjee, an erudite professor of Economics, graced us with his presence and enlightened us about the various economic reforms in India. He elucidated about the crisis India was facing which made the reforms necessary. He also shed light on the achievements and failures of the said reforms and mesmerized us with his outstanding oratory skills. We are greatly indebted to Fr Vice Principal (I.S.C) and Mrs. J. Basu for organizing such an excellent seminar.
Chandra Mohan Roy (12 C)
Romit Mukherjee (12 C)
Anant Bihani (12 C)
SXCS Kolkata SXCS Kolkata SXCS Kolkata
SXCS Kolkata SXCS Kolkata SXCS Kolkata
Career Counseling - 2nd Nov 2015

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