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Annual School Functions - X-Uberance - 2011

X-Uberance 2011- 8th, 9th & 10th July 2011
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Negating the Negatives
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. The word itself brings a wave of emotion to the hearts of Xaverians. To others it may be just a word but to us it is much more. It represents what we believe in. You may be thinking that X-uberance is just another school fest in your calendar. But it isn't. It is the culmination of efforts of the diligent boys of St. Xavier's Collegiate School and has been pioneered by the immense support of our teachers and of course our pillars of support Rev. Fr. Principal and Rev. Fr. Vice Principal. It all began in 2008 with the first edition of X-uberance. It was then a dream, an idea in the embryonic stage, and has now materialized into one of the biggest and most successful inter-school fests in Kolkata.
Our four captains in 2008, Pablo D' Costa, Sourav Goswami, Adarsh Lohia and Rohit Peters immortalized themselves in the minds of Xaverians' for years to come by initiating the journey of X-uberance. Since then, we have come a long way. X-uberance today is a union of culture, an amalgamation of talents, alacrity, joy and, of course, excellence. It's the perfect homogenity between the two aspects of school life: Academics and extra-curricular extravaganzas. It is an epitome of innovativeness, a platform where idiosyncrasies of every individual conglomerate to form a very simplistic trail of creativity. We as Xaverians' are proud of the Jesuit education that we receive over 12 years. Well, X-uberance is our way of incorporating these values through our actions. Our basic principle is the unity of youth, a celebration of tomorrow. This year we will be having the fourth edition of X-uberance and, trust me, we will live up to our previous batches' reputation of making X-uberance what it is today. Our tagline for this year's fest is as the title suggests "Negating the Negatives." We came up with this tagline after considerable thought. We believe that it defines our initiatives in a very appropriate manner. As individuals all of us while facing challenges are bogged down by our demons, our vices. It is up to us not to get overawed and nullify or negate these factors. It's not just a tagline for a fest. Rather, for us, it is a mantra to guide us, to motivate us and to inspire us to erase our negatives..

It remains our sincerest hope that our fest will measure up to everyone's elevated expectations and, as for the Xaverians' new and old, our message reaches out to society, chanting - "Nihil Ultra - Nothing Beyond." I would also like to re-iterate the fact that our endeavours would be futile without the support of our sponsors, the Alsoc and our Vice Principal Fr. Sebastian. We are also grateful to the encouragement given to us by our Principal Rev. Fr. K.K.Devasy. At X-uberance, everyone will see what we see. And we see SXC…
                                                                                                            Mayukh Bhadra Chowdhury 

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