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Annual School Functions - Children's Day - 2011

14th November 2011
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Radio Roullete : An acknowledgment to Mr. Andrew Singh
Dramatic Personae: News Reader, Chef, Hotel Representative, Martial Artiste

News: Good Morning, everybody. Welcome to XYZ news station. Today's Headlines start with a grand meeting of the Representatives of the United Nations in
Chef: The Kitchen which is kept spotlessly clean because the foodstuff we deal in has been washed in
Hotel: Our bathrooms which have several costly fixtures. Oh, yes, our shower stalls are fit for
Martial: Karate competitions where the contestants are made up of
News: Politicians are over 70 years old. The debate regarding the retiring age of politicians is red - hot because many feel that at that age, their brains are full of
Chef: Cauliflower and potatoes. Ah, these are the staple ingredients of the main dish. Besides, there will also be a special cake made from
Hotel: Lifebuoy soap is pretty reliable. Also, we specialize in the first-rate towels which are
Martial: Worn by our contestants while competing. Remember, when fighting your opponent, always
News: Carry an umbrella because it looks like it shall rain today. Oh, yes, indeed, there will be thunder and lightning, followed by a heavy shower of
Hotel: 200 chairs and 85 tables which should be sufficient to hold a General meeting on important subjects like
Martial: When to kick your opponent with the left foot while the right foot is in
Chef: A Bowl of hot soup with bread crumbs. But our pastries are very light. The batter has been stirred and mixed
News: At the speed of 120 km per hour, it is expected that gale conditions will prevail. Look out for
Martial: A punch in the eye can knock your enemy down. As soon as he falls, jump on him with
Hotel: A bouquet of roses which smell like
Chef: Garbage must be thrown into the dust bin and carried away by
News: The President of a multi-national company whose name is
Martial: TAE KWAN DO, the art of using your enemy's strength to defeat him and make him into
Chef: Custard Pudding which is served as a desert. Along with it, we also serve a choice of cold drinks manufactured in
Hotel: Our drains and sewage pipes which are best in the world. We are justly proud of our drainage system, which is responsible for
News: The Group of wealthy nations where representatives will be meeting in Goa to discuss
Martial: Flying kicks and solid punches, which will make your opponent's stomach resemble
Chef: Spaghetti and meat balls, which may be served with white wine. To wipe your mouths you may use
Hotel: 52 table cloths which are daily washed in
News: Raj Bhavan where we may expect news regarding and important political decision on
Martial: Boxing in your underwear. Remember to wear appropriate clothes during competitions or you will be disqualified by our
Chef: Cooks who will prepare a lovely mutton stew which tastes like
Hotel: Cushions and pillows which are filled with soft feathers and
News: Rocks and boulders and 12 trucks which have now blocked the highway leading to
Chef: Your stomach will not feel uneasy after eating our meals. If it does then all you do is
Martial: Kick it and your enemy will immediately call for.
Hotel: Our Hotel Manager, whose name is
Chef: Chicken Chow Mein which is very tasty dish invented in
News: XYZ studios. That's all the news for today.
ALL: Happy Children's Day.


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