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Cl. 12
(A) Mr. A. Gupta
(B) Mr. S. Chatterjee
(C) Mr. J. Kallor
(D) Mr. S. Dhar

Cl. 11
(A) Ms. S. Sinha
(B) Mr. A. Chatterjee
(C) Mr. R. Doss
(D) Mr. A. Majumdar
(E) Ms. M. Ray

Cl. 10
(A) Ms. S. Chakraborti
(B) Mr. A. Dey
(C) Mr. M. Joseph
(D) Mr. P. Mullick
(E) Mr. R. Bhattacharya

Cl. 9
(A) Ms. M. D'Souza
(B) Ms. B. Fernandes
(C) Ms. J. Ahmed
(D) Mr. G. Gomes
(E) Mr. R. Francis

Cl. 8
(A) Mr. N. Maitra
(B) Mr. A.B. Singh
(C) Ms. S. Ray
(D) Ms. A. Mathew
(E) Mr. B. Millar

Cl. 7
(A) Ms. S. Biswas
(B) Ms. M. Bhattacharya
(C) Mr. F. Torcato
(D) Mr. S. Das
(E) Ms. S. Jaiswal

Cl. 6
(A) Ms. K. Dutta
(B) Mr. B. Fernandes
(C) Ms. S. Saha
(D) Ms. P. Lahiri

Mr. D. Basu
Mr. R. Sequeira

Ms. J. Bhaskar
Ms. A Sikdar

Mr. C. Benedict
Ms. A. Chakraborti
Mr. R.N. Tripathi

Ms. R. Mukherjee
Mr. S. Jana
Ms. S. Ray

Ms. P. Chatterjee
Ms. T. Sarbadhikary Pal

Ms. J. Basu

Ms. C. Chatterjee

Physical Education
Mr. R. Kothari


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