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1. St. Xavier's Collegiate School, a minority institution, was established on 16 January 1860 for the education of Catholic boys. Today, however, boys of all religious denominations are admitted.
2. Great care is taken to form the character of the pupils, inspire them with a love of religion and morality, help them become agents of needed social change in the country, train them to be gentlemen, instill in them habits of cleanliness and order, and prepare them to be good and loyal citizens of India.

3. Admissions are generally taken only in class one. Admission to other classes (2-8) will be considered if there are vacancies.
4. The school session is from April to March. On Saturdays classes are usually not held, unless duly notified. If unforseen or forced holidays are declared it will be made up on Saturdays.
5. The School is recognised by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education till class X. It is also affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, till class XII.
6. Admission to class XI, and the choice of stream depends on the student's academic performance, behaviour and the discretion of the Principal for the good of the school ethos. Applications from parents at the beginning of a school year to place their wards in a particular section of a class shall not be entertained.

1. (a) Regular Progress Reports will keep parents informed of the behaviour and diligence of their wards. These Reports, must be signed by the parents, and returned on the following day to the Class Teacher.

(b) The Unit System is followed in all Classes. Briefly, the System divides the syllabus of each subject into clearly defined blocks of related matter, e.g. one or more chapters of a textbook. As soon as the matter of a particular unit has been completed in class, the student is assessed on it.

(c) The answer scripts of these assessments, duly evaluated, are handed over to the students, to be shown to the parents. The student must enter his marks in the relevant columns of the 'Achievement Record' in this diary (p. 40).

(d) The School Year is divided into two semesters. At the end of each semester examinations are held. The percentage and weightage of marks is as follows:
Class Unit Tests / Assignments Block Test
Prep - 3 50 (15 + 15 + 20) Nil
4 - 5 30 (15 + 15) 70
6 -12 20 (10 + 10) 80

(e) A student who misses a written assignment / unit test / examination will not be allowed to appear for the same at a later date. However, Parents must not send their wards who are ill or recovering from an illness for an assignment / unit test / examination.

A student who is absent during unit test / examination, must seek the permission of the Principal / Vice-Principal before attending the following examination / class.

1. Guardians are not allowed to visit the class-rooms or go to the corridors to interact with the teachers during class hours or meet their wards during the lunch break, except with the express permission of the principal / vice principal.
2. The school area is a notified 'NO HORN' zone and the 'Parking Zones' have been demarcated. Towards this end parents are expected (a) not to sound a horn around the school area (b) to avoid parking around the school especially during school hours and (c) to opt for the Pool-car system to facilitate decongestion and sharing of resources amongst parents.
3. Parents / Guardians may meet teachers with prior appointment notification in the diary.
4. Parents should inform the School Authorities if their ward is suffering from any SERIOUS ILLNESS, chronic ailment, physical handicap or sensory defect (e.g. heart disorder or epilepsy). Hiding the illness of a child by parents will not enable us to help the child when in serious trouble. In case of chickenpox, measles, mumps or other such contagious diseases, the parent is required to maintain the requisite quarantine period before the child is sent back to school with a medical certificate of fitness.
5. School has a doctor on call and only First Aid will be given if the boy is injured. Guardian will be called at the earliest. We do not have hospitalization facilities.

1. (a) A boy failing in a class at the end of the academic year does not remain on the rolls unless the Parents / Guardians notify the Principal in writing, within 7 days of the Proclamation of the annual results, that they wish their son to continue his studies in the school.
(b) A boy who fails in TWO CONSECUTIVE CLASSES or twice in the same class will be required to withdraw from the School. Boys who are over aged to repeat a class will also be required to withdraw.
2. Boys whose conduct is INJURIOUS TO THE MORAL TONE of the School or incompatible with strict discipline are liable to be dismissed. In particular, stealing, resorting to unfair means during tests and examinations, and any form of verbal, written obscenity or behaviourial acts of violence may entail dismissal.
3. Boys WHOSE PRESENCE, is not conducive, or application is unsatisfactory, or whose parents / guardians show little interest in their progress, will be required to withdraw their wards from the school.
4. ONE FULL MONTH'S NOTICE in writing must be given to the Principal by the guardian, or a month's fees paid, before a boy may be withdrawn from the school. T.C. will be issued only after all dues are debited.
Cost of TC for all classes: Rs. 100/-
Cost of outstation TC: Rs. 200/-
Cost of all certificates: Rs. 50/- each.

1. The School has the following ACTION GROUPS:-
(a) Social and Community Service: All students are expected to contribute to the Social and Community Service.
(b) School Choir: Open to all students who wish to sing or play a musical instrument during school assemblies / liturgical service / cultural program.
(c) Christian Life Community (CLC): open to Catholic boys of classes 6 to 12. The CLC fosters the imitation of Christ in the social milieu of the modern world.
(d) Leadership Training Service (LTS): open to boys of classes 8 to 12. The LTS enables its budding leaders to become 'men for others' for God and Country.
(e) 11/1st Calcutta Loyola Scout Group: open to boys of classes upto 8. The Group consists of a Cub Pack and Scout Troop registered with the Bharat Scouts and Guides.
(f) Nature Club: open to boys of classes 6 to 12. The club fosters in them respect for nature. The members undertake the responsibility of maintaining the plants and gardens in the School Campus.
(g) Quiz Club - X-Quizite: open for all boys who love quizzing and believe they have the answers.
(h) Debate Club - X-Calibre: open to boys of classes 9 to 12.
The club trains the members to speak convincingly, argue effectively and rebut appropriately.
(i) Cine Forum: To develop a critical appreciation of cinema,
(j) Elocution: English, Hindi, Bengali: to instill confidence and develop proficiency in elocution and public speaking.

A. LIBRARY: The School has a library of useful and interesting books in English, Bengali, Hindi, Science, Humanities, Computers and Commerce. Strict silence must be maintained in the reading room.
B. COMPUTER LABORATORIES: The school has five well-equipped and net-worked computer laboratories for the staff and students. Computer Education is provided to all students, its objective is to introduce computers as a tool to supplement and expand the learning experience through the use of educational programmes.

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